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Readers – why EMH?

European Medical Hygiene commissions unbiased, informative articles written by professional bodies and consultants. The highest standard of editorial is the only acceptable one. These articles are used by professionals within the industry for education and general knowledge purposes.

Medical hygiene practices and products prevent or minimise the spread of disease and infection. The use of protective products, sterilisation and safe disposal has never been so carefully regulated to ensure both staff and patients are safeguarded. It is now also widely accepted that to truly combat infection, medical hygiene has to be considered at the very outset of hospital design or at least room layout.

All of these things are considered in detail in European Medical Hygiene magazine. Other publications focus on the medical industry and codes of practice in general, but none focus solely on protective medical hygiene equipment.

All of these articles are available on this website. Please click on the Article Topics to the left…

Advertisers – why EMH?

With expenditure in the medical industries stable at worst and exponential at best, the need to showcase products and increase brand awareness has never been so important, or rewarding.

Manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters can now reach the most important decision makers ensuring their products are noticed. Unbiased professional articles are the cleanest place for your adverts to appear. EMH also offers advertorials, company profiles, case studies and press releases.

A few of the subjects EMH covers:

  • Isolation or quarantine of infectious persons or materials to prevent the spread of infection
  • Sterilisation of instruments or surfaces
  • Use of protective clothing and barriers, such as masks, gowns, caps, eyewear and gloves
  • Bandaging and dressing of injuries
  • Safe disposal of medical and pharmaceutical waste
  • Disinfection of reusables
  • Scrubbing up and hand-washing
  • Air purification
  • Hospital design and room layout e.g. cleanroom
  • Maceration and shredding

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